Wind Ensemble

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  • I. Telegraph Avenue [listen]
  • II. The Berkeley Library [listen]
  • III. Walking on Campus [listen]
  • IV. UC Berkeley – Gold and Blue [listen]

Berkeley Pictures was commissioned by The Wind Ensemble of the University of California, Berkeley. It recreates the bizarre atmosphere of the Berkeley Campus. It is divided into four diverse movements, with a majestic fugue in the last movements.It is a challenging and musically rewarding composition (Level 5).

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  • I. Adagio – Moderato [listen]
  • II. Moderato [listen]
  • III. Adagio – Allegro con Spirito [listen]

The Concerto for Tuba is dedicated to Alessandro Fossi, an extraordinary virtuoso Italian tuba player. The composition is divided into the typical three movement form. The first is based on complex and irregular rhythms. In the second movement the tuba sings a beautiful melody that echoes the music tradition of American blues. In the last, the virtuoso technique of the soloist is taken to the extreme in a joyful and fast ending. (Level 6)